Holla, welcome to my home.

I’m Toan, a WordPress developer, Themeforest’s Author, living in Vietnam, I like coffee, rocking, reading, writing and wordpress.


  • Cynthia Waters- Brower

    Hi I need your help with a wordpress site. Please contact me for freelance work.

  • Gil

    Hi there. A week ago I bought the next theme: “VideoTube” for wordpress. Currently the main navigation bar item’s are justified to the left of the bar. How I can change the justification to the center of the bar?

  • eren

    What should I do to look like that?

  • VI NO

    Hi… am i have issue with the videotube template, i try to copy paste the youtube url to my wordpress backend but video is not working, it says
    This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

    even i try embed and uploding my own video .. but still same issue. please give me some solution.. thanks

  • Louise

    Hi Toan. Nice work on your themes! It is hard to find trustworthy instructions when a person wants to put the theme on the VPS / Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. Can you make a step-by-step tutorial for this? I do not want to do 1 Click Install. It would be good if we had these instructions from someone trustworthy. It would be good if the instructions provided for pretty permalinks enabled, and post_max and upload bigger than default. Can you make this video tut? Thanks, Louise.

  • Dennis Geiss

    Hi Toan, is it possible to buy your videotubetheme as html. i just need
    index and video page design? Please contact me under marketing at ok.de

    • nttoanbrvt


      As many people do nowadays I designed most of the theme in browser, so the html version isn’t included in purchase file and it’s incomplete as the WP version.

      Leave me your email address via this form http://themeforest.net/user/phpface#contact after make a purchase, I will send the html files.


      • Dennis Geiss

        Thanks for your reply, i thought html is Cheaper 🙁

  • Luca Pistonesi

    Hi Toan, I just buy theme video tube, I’m not able to setting like your preview page, can you help me in this? Have You some video tutorial? TY

  • Luca Pistonesi

    Hi Toan, I add the code to share video youtube in add new video section, when publish I have not the original image preview of the video, this is normal? Can I see preview image of youtube? TY

  • Luca Pistonesi

    Hi Toan, can I integrate Avada Theme whit you theme? TY

  • Duke Dinh

    Hi Toan, please email me. I want to buy your wordpress theme. (dinh.duke@gmail.com)

    • nttoanbrvt

      Hallo, I believe that you got the answer on themeforest.

  • Chris Edwards

    Hi Toan. Will your Kappa theme allow me to transfer content from my old blog on wordpress.com?

    • nttoanbrvt


      Kappa is a self-hosted WP theme, so you need an own hosting/server to run this.

      As I know so far, WordPress.com allows we to export the content as they mentioned here https://en.support.wordpress.com/export/

      Therefore you can export your own contents and import them to your own self-hosted WP site.

      I haven’t tried this yet, no guarantee that could work fine, but no reason to say it won’t work.


      • Chris Edwards

        Yes, sorry, I meant to say I have a separate web host and I just want to transfer everything from my existing blog on wordpress.com over to the .org one. Is it simple to change the banner pictures and the theme colours?



  • Hello
    I am interested in purchasing the theme: VIDEO TUBE.
    I wanted to ask if you can add a pluging for language management. I need to create the site in Italian – English and German. I can handle multiple languages?

    Congratulations for your wonderful work.

    I look forward to receiving your response.


    • nttoanbrvt


      Unfortunately I haven’t used any multi-language plugins yet so I’m not sure how they work, you might use the 3rd party plugins for that, however no guarantee they could work fine.

      Thanks for your interesting the theme.